Natural Fractal Growth

Moving on up the lane approaching The Waterside on my walk this week the winter bareness of the trees revealed the natural fractal growth of their branches against the sky. This first image can also be see in full black and white on Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness MM 3-41 blog post.

Trees on skyline

The local farm animals kept a watchful eye on me as I passed by, stopping and starting to photograph them and record the surrounding ambience. This was primarily wind, water and birdsong but as usual, when listening with a more focused ear, I not only heard more of what was there and its subtle variations, I also found I saw more! I was aware of the aural experience drawing my visual attention to details of the local environment.

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  1. I really like the shot of the details in this post. Combined with your comment about sound, they become very ‘audible’.
    I also find that sounds can make me see more. It’s the same with touch. When you start paying attention to a sense, it brings to life the others too, doesn’t it?

    • I totally agree Allysse. Trying to represent different senses through a photographic or audio/visual medium is an interesting challenge and one I enjoy. Thanks

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