My Walk this Week – Memorial Walk in Aid of Old Mill Foundation Cancer Hospice

Walkers gather at Rhossili

My walk this week is a walk in memory of Mike Aspland, a walk leader who died of cancer at the end of last year and had benefitted from the services provided by the Old Mill Foundation cancer hospice in Penclawdd on North Gower. The walk took place Rhossili and aimed to raise funds for the hospice – if anyone would like to donate to the the Old Mill Foundation, please visit their website and click the “Donate” button.

Having done this walk on any number of occasions I was keen to try and make sure I didn’t repeat photos taken in the past. The conditions are always different of course and on this visit the air was unusually still with an overcast sky. As usual I will post further images from this walk on Wednesday and Friday and then on Saturday I will include a soundscape from the walk.

Regardless of weather conditions the cliffs and bay at Rhossili on the end of the Gower peninsula are always a wonder to look at and enjoy and of which I am sure visitors and inhabitants never tire. My favourite shots below must be the crow perched on the pinnacle of rock looking over the bay and the echo of formation between the cliff edge and the Worm’s Head as it spits out into the sea.

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  1. Such vast views here, Alastair, a gorgeous place. I am not surprised that it was unusually still that day, because it looks like it would have some hardy winds. I, too, enjoyed the crow and the echo of the land shape.

    • Thanks very much Jet. It is a very popular place as you can imagine. Because of that I would not normally be there at this time of year – it was the Easter holiday week. In fact it was not too crowded and the memorial walkers were by far the largest group.

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