My Walk this Week – Swansea Wellbeing Walk

My walk this week is from a couple of weeks ago when I went to join in the Swansea Health and Wellbeing Walk on the seafront. Starting at the Junction Cafe at Blackpill, it was originally planned to walk to mumbles and back but for whatever reason the route was changed and we walked in the opposite direction dn headed for the 360 Beach and Watersports Centre instead.

It was a short walk, less than four miles there and back but plenty of people came along, some from the Taste of Gower walks but many more besides.

Junction Cafe and walkers

walking feet


Swansea Bay

Swansea Bay

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    • Thanks very much Jet. I wonder what you think I meant by it. Mumbles should have had a capital “M” and is the small town at the south western end of Swansea Bay. Now I am going to have to think of an interesting interpretation for the term “to mumbles and back”. All suggestions welcome

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