600 Miles and a Short Walk

This week’s featured StillWalks video is from a place approximately 600 miles from where I live. So far, this winter has been very mild and wet in South West Wales. I imagine the season in Forres, North East Scotland, to have been more like that seen in the video.

The video features an area of woodland close to where my sister lives and the production for it was done on the only occasion I have been there (to date). I flew up with my eldest daughter for the funeral of Jane’s husband, Philip, who had had cancer. It was a sad occasion but I was pleased to be able to go and to see the area and wanted to take the opportunity to record something of it.

The video includes a shot of a Tree Creeper. It’s not a great shot but it was the only time I have actually seen the bird even though I know they are around in our own local woods.

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