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A Centre of Art – Swansea 3 BEEP Painting Biennial

The third focus of my attention in my walk around the art of Swansea was the BEEP Painting Biennial. This work was in several venues in the city but the bulk of it was exhibited in the College of Art throughout August and into September – it finishes this weekend so if you have the opportunity, I can recommend it.

Katie Beth Avey

I have picked out some of my favourites below but the there were many more I liked and the exhibition could have been half the size and would still have satisfied (unless, of course, my favourites were not included).

Artists names and titles are included so if you click the first image below and then click through them in sequence, you will see all that info. Take your time and enjoy the textures and techniques.

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  1. I’d be happy to have any of these on our walls, or even a few of them! Can’t fault any of them, whether for composition, colour or texture—a superb selection.

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