Almost There

Almost there! No, I’m not talking about the imminent arrival of planes at Cardiff or London or wherever they are going – I’m talking about the sunrise which the passengers will have seen significantly before I did.

Early morning inbound flights can be quite a nuisance when field recording if you happen to be on one of the main flight paths for Wales and southern UK but I guess they are a fact of life these days. On this occasion they were not particularly noticeable and that would be due to some of the other sounds of the morning (traffic) and also the atmospheric conditions – wind direction etc. I never cease to marvel at the difference in the environmental sounds around me which are the result of different conditions from morning to morning.

On a positive note, the sketches on the sky drawn by the airplanes can bring something extra to a composition (disregarding the pollution of course).

sunrise 1

sunrise 2

sunrise 3

sunrise 4

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  1. Planes can indeed be a nuisance when field recording. I live under a flight path to Heathrow and I’ve never been able to record anything near me without their constant roar. But as you said they do bring lovely lines in the sky, including cracks in the universe ^^

    • If the recordings are intended to represent the local environment, they should include the sound of the planes. When I am recording near the M4 motorway, I like to suppress that base frequency a bit because I find I do that in my head anyway. You know, I listen to the birds and not the traffic even though it’s there in the background.

      • Of course 🙂 Quite a few times though I wanted to record sounds from the water and they were drowned by the planes. But I just cycled a bit further away and it was much better 🙂

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