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A wide range of places – The various meetings, seminars and workshops I go to take place in a wide range of places. Yesterday’s post showed the venue for some first aid training. Today’s shows the ATRiuM building in Cardiff. It is part of University of South Wales and I was on the top floor there last week for a workshop run by the Creative Exchange Wales Network (CEWN).

Contrasts of architecture – The architecture here is quite different to that of the Guildhall in Swansea (see previous pos). Quite recently built, it has elements of the abstract about it and a lot of glass! The spiral staircase was one feature pointed out to me and liked its viewpoint as well as using it. Despite the vague reference to the Guggenheim Museum, the angle I viewed it from on the ground floor could have been more interesting.

Just like New York? – Over coffee, before the start of the workshop, a couple of people suggested that the view from the top floor resembled New York! I made a point of getting a quick photo on my phone at the end of the day and although I have not been to New York, I could not honestly say that I could see the resemblance. I may well be wrong of course – you tell me (anyone that knows New York).

Cardiff ATRiuM

Cardiff ATRiuM

Cardiff ATRiuM


Featured SillWalks Videos – I’m afraid this is going to be another week without a featured StillWalks video. I have a number of productions to complete and I look forward to adding these to the StillWalks collection. For now there is, as always, access to sample length videos is available through the Walks menus and you can always buy them at anytime for as little as £1.50.

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