Arrivals from the Blackness

Before climbing to a higher position on my walk this week in the Lledr Valley in North wales, I called into Pont-y-Pant station. This was prompted by the shot below and a sense of wonder at the effort and engineering that is required to create a tunnel through such solid material.

railway tunnel

The short walk along the single track road to the station felt quite dramatic with shear faces of wet black rock rising sharply beside me. Where it wasn’t bare rock, it was thickly covered in moss and after visiting the station, this continued to be a feature of my recce walk as I began to climb the hill to higher ground.

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    • That tunnel did indeed feel foreboding – that is what made me want to check out the station. It wasn’t anything particularly special as stations go, but given the right treatment, I could imagine it in some unsettling kind of film, lonely and surrounded by so much rock and moss. And the moss in this valley was incredible – clearly a sign of its wetness.

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