At an End of the Garden

Gate in Cally Gardens

The image above is of a old gate set in one of the high walls of Cally Gardens in Scotland. We always visit the gardens when in Scotland but on this occasion discovered that the man who ran them, Michael Wickenden, had died while hunting for plants in Myanmar, and that the gardens are to be sold. I hope this is not the end of the garden, though inevitably it will mean a change.

We had not been there in June for many years and as was the case with everywhere we walked, the gardens were as lush and as colourful as you could wish. I had not taken my camera (what a twit) and so these shots are all from my iPhone.

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    • Thanks Jet, it is a beautiful place. I only hope that now that it is on the market, that whoever buys it will keep its character as a going concern.

    • Thanks Aidy, appreciated. I do my best with the iPhone but find I am not keen on the colour cast sometimes and the apparent “flattening” of colour and I find it very difficult to make suitable adjustments in Lightroom. Often they can look ok on the phone but then when I compare them on my computer screen (properly calibrated) – well, it’s frustrating but how much time do I want to put into upping my iPhonography skills when I have two DSLRs? Sorry to blather on.

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