Welsh Poppy

Before and After

So on my saunter down the garden for “my walk this week”, this is what our flowering cherry tree looks like – after the pruning it was given a few weeks ago. Our friend Joe did a fantastic job of untangling branches from telegraph wires and opening the tree out to allow more light amongst its foliage. You can see the before and after photos is in the image set below.

Cherry Tree

The tree is still green but in other places the greens are changing to yellows with the brightness of a lone Welsh poppy still standing out against the backdrop. The tree was a pretty big job and more will need to be done next year but that will require an extra long set of loppers to tidy up the outer form.

Those jobs half done I mentioned on Monday are still there of course, in the form of cut cherry branches thick and thin. I have been asking the experts – a range of amateurs and professionals working with wood – about the best thing to do with the thicker branches. The best suggestion so far is to have a couple of spoons made from it and allow the rest to go for firewood – that way we will have a memento of the tree both as it was and into the future.

And the burning of the smaller branches and foliage may end up having to wait until 5th November!

All photos taken on my iPhone.

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