Winter Jasmine

My Walk this Week – Autumn Garden

My walk this week is not so much a walk as a saunter down our garden. Having completed a very hectic few weeks of work, I allowed myself a short mid-week lie in and so didn’t set off down the garden to our studio until mid morning. The day was fairly bright, although it had been raining through the night – the result was one of bright colour and it lifted my heart and brought a smile to my face.

flower pots

I wouldn’t ever claim our garden is worthy of being placed next to many others “fancier” ones I know of, but I love it just as it is. It seems to be in a permanent state of being in the middle of things being done – but perhaps that is how a garden should be!? It is a haven from the town and traffic out the front and whether it is sunny (preferred) or wet, I can look out at it either from the house or the studio and watch the birds, the light and shade, the colours and textures and it makes me feel good.

Autumn colours are coming in to the garden now but it is a gradual process as different plants turn at different times and so there are still flowers to be enjoyed and others that will come through for winter like the Winter Flowering Jasmine. Even the very mossy flower pots in the yard set beside the hand-made terracotta slab pots provide a bright contrast of tones.

All images were taken on my iPhone this week.

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    • Thank you Allysse. I am not showing more open shots of the garden because I want to keep its privacy but the beauty is as much in the details anyway.

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