Botanic Gardens – Reviewing the Walk

Looking down the perspective of this twisting trickle of water from the top of the footpath leading up from the entrance to the National Botanic Garden of Wales where I have been walking this week, I am reminded of how much our two daughters enjoyed this place when it opened and they were young children. This stream of water and other features along the way created endless fun for them to the point where one of them said it was her favourite place in Wales!

Twisting water at Botanic Garden of Wales

It is still a wonderful place to visit and if you have not been before (or even if you have), allow yourself the time needed to take it all in. For now here is my selection of images from our brief walk this week with a soundscape to accompany it. (WordPress seems to have decided that my sound files are a security risk so the soundscape is coming via my SoundCloud account !)


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  1. They do seem like lovely gardens. I always love seeing your photos and hearing the sounds from your visits there. I’ll have to schedule a visit myself one day.

    • If only I could. I guess it’s one of those weird WordPress things that come up from time to time. I can’t figure it out anyway and I haven’t put much time into finding the solution cos I can use SoundCloud. Please let me know if this is a problem for you.

    • I wish I could. It may be just one of those weird wordpress things you get when updating to the latest version. Or maybe it’s connected to the trouble we are having at the moment with out internet connection. I’m happy to use Soundcloud though as I used to all the time. It’s not a problem at your end I hope.

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