Round Robin

Approaching the Great Glasshouse on my walk this week at the National Botanic Garden of Wales in Carmarthenshire, I came upon this little round and seemingly very young robin. It was bobbing around some tall grasses as though it wanted its photo taken. I suspect it may have been looking for its mother which may have been doing the same thing from the rim of the water feature set at the top of the beautiful twisting path leading up from the entrance to the gardens.


Those tall grasses looked particularly attractive against the lowering sun which took out so much of the colour in them that my photos became monochrome and I submitted one to Leanne Cole’s Photography blog post Monochrome Madness MM 3-39.

The ducks are of another feather and may be common mallards but it was good to see a clear example of the plumage in both male nd female in the last of the sunshine.

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  1. The European Robin is so different from the American Robin! I have to admit I was completely ignorant of that until seeing this post! Turns out, they’re not even closely related, the American Robin was simply named after the European because it also has a similarly colored breast! What a lovely bird, and a lovely walk!

    • I suspect it’s a recently Independednt robin and still has some of its puppy fat from being well fed by its parents. Thanks visiting

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