Building Blocks

My walk this week around Swansea University’s Bay Campus suggested to me that there were limited materials to work with when designing the place. I imagine that this was indeed the case with regard to finance (it always is), but it seems there may have been a restriction on the shapes that could be used as well.

Swansea Uni new campus-23

From my criticism of the architecture used, it might sound as though I don’t like the campus, but in fact in some ways I do. I enjoy the regular rows of dark rectangles set into the alternating colours of brickwork. I like the reflections of light in some of the glass fronts (see tomorrow’s post), and of course the opportunities for perspective shots are endless . . . well, disappearing into the distance anyway!

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    • Thanks Wade, it is a very nice setting for the new campus and the students are very lucky to have such immediate access to the beach.

      • It really does look like a great campus, and yes, having direct access to the beach would be amazing! I’m sure many will really appreciate it!

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