Grilled Sun Rays

Campus Walk Sun Rays and Soundscape

I finished my walk this week with the sun shining out from behind the clouds and the seagulls wheeling as though this was a revelation – and indeed, when this happens it can feel like that! On this occasion the event was perhaps less dramatic than it can be sometimes, but suffering from the cold, biting wind as I was, it was good to see the gulls enjoying themselves, though they are not a feature of the soundscape.

sun rays

As I walked back through the university’s Bay Campus the construction of new buildings continued, but the lads playing basketball paid no heed to the skeletal buildings, the noise of cranes and jack hammers or the biting wind blowing off the sea.

I, myself, enjoyed both the solid colours of completed buildings and the exposed structures of the new – it was fascinating to see inside and out at the same time. There is nothing particularly interesting about the design or arrangement of these new university buildings but those interior / exterior views reminded me of the architectural style of the Pompidou Centre in Paris where the “innards” are exposed and the functional systems of the building are “hung” on the outside. There are any number of buildings where the architects followed the suit of that innovative style.

My soundscape for this walk is, just as the visual walk has been, an unusual mixture of natural and man-made. The backdrop is wind and sea and while this means the birds on the beach sound more distant than they were, it also means the various clinks, chinks, rattles and roars of construction are kept to more acceptable level. Through much of it there is the bouncing basketball.

Bay Campus Soundscape

If you would like to see the other images from this walk please look at the two previous posts. Click on the first image below to see them larger and in sequence.

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  1. I was just bouncing around the blogosphere, visiting the likes of a Candian chicken farmer and a couple describing their walks in Taiwan when I jumped into your blog based on the “StillWalks” title. I was amused to find that I was suddenly back in Swansea, only a couple of miles from where I live.
    Your photos and description evoked the same reactions I’ve had when I’ve been there. Nicely done. Thank you.

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