Grass in the Bay

Natural and Man-Made

My walk this week took me through Swansea University’s Bay Campus to the open view it has of the expansive Swansea Bay. The combination of the natural and man-made had a number of crossover points – one of these was how cold it was with the wind chill coming off the sea, exposed as I was both in the open and amongst the buildings.

Beach Perspective

Other overlaps of the natural and man made came in the birdlife and young trees planted around the buildings, the moat-like sea defences (I suspect that, one day, these will not be enough), the rusting structure of an old disused outlet pipe onto the beach, and the industrial view looking east to Port Talbot.

I know my lack of appropriate clothing was the reason for feeling the cold but even if I had worn a warm jumper, my hands would still have gone numb and blue as I took my photos and recorded the sounds of the place. Ah, what we artists will suffer for our art lol.

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  1. I loved this walk to the Swansea Bay, in spite of the frigid temperatures, Alastair. You did a good job of visually expressing the cold. I liked seeing the magpie in the bare tree. Especially liked the first photo, with the tall grass in the foreground, bending in the wind, and the sand and the sea. Hope you’re warming up now–

    • Thanks Jet. The weather has of course changed here again but with milder weather we have also go torrential rain – can’t win these days! Watch out (or listen) for the chilli soundscape on Friday 🙂

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