Carmarthen – Reviewing the Walk

Walking amongst the market stalls on my way back to the car park on my walk this week around Carmarthen town in South West Wales, the stall I found most interesting was the one displaying hats. I just missed catching a shot of a lady looking at her reflection in the mirror but like the shot anyway – the mannequin heads with their wooly hats looked really weird somehow, especially stuck on “spikes” along a metal bar almost as if they were trophies.

sign post

The soundscape below has all the classic sounds of an active town, but without too much noise from traffic. It is always the sound of footsteps I like the best – those of people (usually women) wearing a hard heeled shoe.

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      • Well, I tried again one day later and it is now working fine! Don’t know why I was having problems last night. I use Windows 10 and Firefox. Sorry about the false alarm!

        • I’m glad you were able to see it as intended – it was probably just one of those strange digital anomalies. It’s always good to get a heads up these things though, so thanks very much.

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