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My posts this week are about a recent walk along the cliffs at the end of the Gower Peninsula.  Gower Landscapes Partnership and Swansea Walking Forum have been organising a series of walks on the Gower peninsula this year. As a member of the Walking Forum I have been taking part in these Tastes of Gower walks. The most recent was at Rhosilli where the Worm’s Head spits out into the sea.

It was a very enjoyable walk on a beautiful day. Walking out from Rhosilli to the tip of the peninsula and the Worm’s Head, we had spectacular views from the cliffs over Rhosilli Bay. People and dogs on the beach looked smaller than ants!

We didn’t venture onto the Worm’s Head, though the tide times on that day would have allowed it. The tide times are shown on a large notice at the start of the path to the Head but despite this many people get caught out and end up stranded on the island. Many of these, so I am told, are from China and don’t speak English, yet it has not occurred to the Coast Guard that has top go and fetch them by boat, to put up a similar notice in Chinese (and other languages).

Rhosilli Bay

Rhosilli Bay, Gower

Rhosilli Bay, Gower

Worm's Head, Gower



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    • It is a wonderful place. I forget how much I like it I think and so the next time I go, the wonder of the views always surprises me. More photos from here coming through the week. I did a StillWalks production day on Rhosilli Down, the hills to the right of the beach, earlier this year but it is waiting in a queue for post production.

    • Thanks Allysse. It is a wonderful place. The beach was quite busy that day – I counted 17 people on it at one point! There is such a sense of space there, I love it.

  1. Thanks for the link 🙂
    This was a really interesting watch. I like how the sculpture were driven by the landscape and its history. I particularly enjoyed how she took from the land but then brought it back and mixed past, present, and future together through the entire process of creation and then disintegration. The whole process felt very organic and very driven by the place.

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