Climbing into Forest Stillness in November

It’s a steep path into the forest from the road but during a murky November when the days are getting very short the stillness that can be found there when the wind isn’t blowing is a real treat. Don’t get me wrong, I like the sound of the wind, but I also like the quiet peacefulness amongst the trees of this small forest when the sound of the motorway to the west is not carried over the hill. Even in the upper, thinner parts of this woodland, in amongst the spiky gorse, the air can be still and the sound of the conversing birds carries through the trees.

Forest Gorse in November

This sound clip is not long at 1 min 40 seconds but manages to introduce the stillness of the conditions in the woodland on the day it was recorded in November. Starting on the road at the foot of the forest a solitary car passes by and leaves the birds to sing in peace as I climb up amongst the trees.

Forest November Stillness



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  1. Thank you for this perfectly peaceful walk in the woods, Alastair. I so enjoy the audio and visual elements you provide. And the beech nut on the forest floor is really cool. Happy new year, my friend~~

    • Thank you Jet – you are very kind. When I looked (and listened) back to my recordings and photos for that year of walks in the forest I was very pleasantly surprised by some of them. I look forward to continued walking there. Happy New Year to you and yours

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