Deceptive Dancing Sunlight

Even though I know the context of this image I still thing the pattern of dancing morning sunlight on the railway bridge wall is deceptive. It looks as though the bridge may be crossing water, but in reality it is a pattern created by the shadows of tree branches next to the bridge and the relief texture of the stones with which it is built.

underside sunlight

The quality of sunlight was particularly noticeable on my walk this week –  a circular walk to Castell Ddu. This was undoubtedly due as much to the reflective qualities of the frost all around as the fact that there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. It is also possible that the atmosphere itself, the air, may have had less particulate matter floating around than usual but that is something you more often find after a day of rain, when the falling water has washed the atmosphere clean. Whatever caused this combination of environmental circumstances, it made for a very pleasant walk.

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    • Thanks Barbara – it’s one of my more ordinary walks but no less interesting or enjoyable for that. It’s all about how to see the ordinary as extraordinary.

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