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Distant Horizon – Reviewing the Walk

In reviewing my walk this week I can see that I have posted another set of very dark images – it must be the time of year! The selected photos from my posts about this walk illustrate both the urban start in a multi-story carpark and the approaching light of dawn on the horizon in a windy Swansea Bay.

Distant horizon

The soundscape for this week backs up the images as always but while it includes the sound of crashing waves towards the end, it does not include the noise pollution of street cleaners and leaf blowers being used at 6 AM. I like the streets to be cleaned but I hate the sound of the machinery they use to do the job. While I can mentally filter out the sound of traffic on the motorway when I walk on our local marshes, I cannot do that for the racket these machines make – at least I don’t have to record them.

Instead the soundscape starts with the little bird that busily chirped away as I looked around the naked urban space of the carpark before setting off through the city centre with its Christmas and other lights creating abstract patterns in the waters of a fountain and Swansea’s Maritime Quarter. The piece fades out as I retreat from the crashing of the waves and wind down on the seafront in Swansea Bay.

Urban Dawn Walk Soundscape

Click on the first image below to view then in sequence while you play the soundscape. If you would like to see the photos I have not included in this review of the walk, you’ll need to look at the three previous posts.

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