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My Walk this Week – The Golden Light of Dawn

The day felt cold but looked good for my walk this week with the mist and the golden light of dawn. The natural colouring in the image below makes it look like an old photo, I think, with its sepia tones, but in fact nothing has been done to it other than a fairly restrained crop. I posted it on Instagram and Facebook and it got a few likes, but here it is again.

Misty Sunrise

I started out on my walk from my garden, looking through the hedge to a “red sky in the morning”, as the old adage goes. I needed no warning about the weather though, as I was going for a walk in the woods anyway.

Regular followers of the StillWalks blog should be becoming familiar with the woodland that is the feature of this walk. Hopefully I am able to shed a different light on it each time I visit. Of course it is the light of the sun and the time of year or day that changes the look and feel of any location and on this occasion the woodland dawn was . . . hmm, can you have a muted spectacle? It was spectacular and though muted by the mist, this only made it even more magical.

The river valley was thickly shrouded in mist laying across the fields and low enough to allow the hill on the far side to enjoy the brightening day. On entering the forest the light and colour changed – in spite of it being Winter the amount of green surrounding me was amazing! With moss abounding on so many of the tree trunks, skirting their bases in frills and folds, and climbing way into their heights, bumping on the bark as it grew towards the coniferous canopy, the yellow morning sun turned it still greener.

And to those for whom it is relevant, Happy Christmas!

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    • Thank you very much. The image is so atmospheric that a put a tag on Instagram that no filters had been used. Other than a minor crop, that was the scene that morning and it does seem almost unreal. Sometimes it’s worth getting up early!

  1. The perfect images for this morning of all mornings. Nadolig Llawen, Alastair, and I hope you have a calm and peaceful time, now and for the forseeable future.

    • Thanks very much Chris. I’m pleased you like my choice of pics. Happy Christmas/Nadolig Llawen to you and yours. Looking forward to 2018. All the best for the future in every respect.

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