Evening Landscape – Reviewing the Walk

This evening landscape at the end of my walk this week in Penclawdd on the North Gower coast was not really very late in the day – just after 4pm. The days seem so short at this time of day, but I must try to remember those further north who, if you go far enough north, see no real sunlight at all through the day. I cannot imagine what that is like.

evening landscape

The sounds of this walk include many of the activities of the place, both man-made and natural. It was good to find myself hidden from the traffic and industry so easily by such a low lying shield of land as I walked at the edge of the salt marsh.

Enjoy the sounds along with selected images from my walk below.

Penclawdd Walk Soundscape

Despite the cloudless sky, I felt no warmth from the sun on this walk. It was not high enough in the sky to reach over the hill behind Penclawdd at a point on my walk where I would have benefitted from it had I been walking earlier in the day. To get any warmth from the sun at this time of year you need to have it shining directly on you and the unmelted frost in all places untouched by it is proof of this.

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