Fighting ducks 5

Fighting Fit Like a Duck

In this, the middle stage of my walk this week around Brynmill Park in Swansea, I was entertained (not sure if that is the right word) by a pair of fighting fit ducks going at each other tooth and nail . . . or should that be bill and feather?

Fighting ducks 1

This was a very serious argument which carried on a lot longer than 8 still images can describe. I wonder what it was about? Perhaps I should have used video but instead I simply lifted my camera and shot off a load of rapid fire images as the foam and feathers flew.

Eventually they settled down, but it was only time out for a few moments before they started up again!

Conflict is one of the themes I work with as an artist and tapestry weaver – communication is another. Is one the answer to the other? Can communication (non violent) always resolve an issue of conflict? Perhaps not in the case of ducks. Somehow I cannot imagine (or I can only imagine) ducks sitting round a conference table and quacking their way through a problem, though it makes a nice picture in my mind.

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