Dark Water

My Walk this Week – Towards a Dark Park

My walk this week is a short one in two parts with my entrance to Brynmill Park in Swansea being in Winter sunshine and my exit being towards a dark park.

Brynmill Park

I am familiar with “dark parks” where there is little or no light pollution from human habitation and the stars shine in the most amazing way, but the night skies above Brynmill Park could not be described as being unpolluted by light. However, the park itself was certainly getting dark by the time I was leaving.

Having gone there to attend a Swansea Walking Forum meeting, my photography and field recording was split into two sessions. The photos below are mostly a selection of my pre-meeting shots and show some of the details of the place that I found of interest.

The squirrels were out in force, collecting all they could for storage and the shine on the sharp-pointed holly leaves was a good indication of an approaching Christmas.

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