Following the Wind – Reviewing the Walk

water falling over weir

On this walk I was following the wind and focused more on that than anything else. The soundscape below along with the images will hopefully help you to accompany me on this walk during that day of Storm Doris.

I ended the documentation of the walk at the weir on the Afon Dulais river where the roar of water collected by the river overnight overwhelmed any amount of noise the wind was making.

The four stages of sound on this walk can be heard below – first the wind is heard in bare deciduous trees, secondly it rises further as it blows through the evergreen coniferous trees with a low moan being generated by the metal of the phone mast. Thirdly comes the deep booming rumble of the wind on more open land as it blows across electricity pylons. Lastly comes the other element of Storm Doris – rain water collected by the river and thundering over the weir in the earthy colours of the hillsides.

Cwm Dulais Walk Three Soundscape

Despite WordPress apparently deciding that my sound files are no longer a threat to security, I have decided to keep posting my soundscapes from SoundCloud!

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