Stepping Stones and Wind in Pylons

stepping stones

Descending on my walk this week into the base of the valley, proof of other (helpful) walkers is evident from the arrangement of  stepping stones through an expansive puddle. From here I climbed up a steep hillside track to arrive on the opposite side of the valley and a return to the double rows of electricity pylons.

This third stage of my third walk here on consecutive days is defined again by the sound of Storm Doris and the strength of its wind. I have no photos of the pylons from this walk – I was more intent on recording the sound of the wind as it boomed with a heavy rumble between the metal structures and their heavy duty power cables.

Wind and Pylons



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  1. I always love your up-close photos of details like iron fences. Something about those up close photos really ground your walks in my mind, and make me want to get outside! As always, thanks for sharing!

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