Forest detail

Fork in the Footpath

I had a choice to make on my walk as there was a fork in the footpath. I thought I was familiar with both options but discovered otherwise after turning left.

Fork in the footpath

I was heading back by this time. Having taken in some of the details and views of and from the forest I decided to extend my walk and in doing so in the opposite direction to usual, I found an overgrown footpath I had not noticed before. Clearly I had made the right choice in taking the left fork and thoroughly enjoyed my new discovery.

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  1. Your post reminded me of that beautiful poem The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost. The poet’s wood was yellow, though, and yours was mostly green. Still, they go together: Robert’s beautiful words and Alastair’s beautiful pictures.

    • You have introduced me to a poem I did not know until now – thank you, I enjoyed it very much. And I too went back the other day and took the other route and enjoyed my walk yet again – that would be the umpteenth time

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