Heavy Weather for a Misty Descent

Heavy weather

The clear landscape didn’t last for long at the top of my walk this week to Penlle’r Castell on the heights of the Mawr above Swansea. As I walked back down to my car it quickly became a very misty descent as the heavy weather set in again.

The wind turbines of Mynydd y Gwair wind farm stood within the murky cloud. I find these objects of sustainable energy production fascinating things but if you don’t like them, you need only turn your head in any other direction for an equally fantastic view of this Welsh landscape. The wind was not particularly strong but it was at this point in my walk that it began to rain.

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  1. Great, moody shots Alastair – very threatening skies. Have you ever walked directly under one of those wind turbines with the blades rushing round above your head? I still find it a bit disconcerting no matter how many times I’ve done it!

    • Thanks Aidy. Indeed I have – and recorded the swish of their blades. I’m currently doing some production work with Awel Aman Tawe Co-operative wind farm (two turbines) so have been coming into regular contact with them (not literally of course, not the blades anyway).

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