Leaving the Cliffs Behind and Reviewing the Walk

Monknash footpath

leaving the cliffs behind

Although I said I didn’t do much field recording on this walk, I did manage to capture the sound of the wild wind there that day and if you listen carefully you will also hear the sound of a buoy bell ringing two or three times. The buoy floats just offshore and now and then was tossed roughly enough by the wind and waves to sound out faintly through the roar of wind and sea. Be warned – I have added the sound of the old fog horn to the end of this soundscape but there is an amusing ending to it if you care to listen.

Nash Point Soundscape

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  1. A very interesting and beautiful location. I haven’t visited the place since I did 1st year geology at Swansea University. I recently came across my old notebooks for the actual field trip.

    • “Oh it’s quite scary” – said in a Welsh accent lol 🙂 The sound clip cannot get over the blast of deep noise the fog horn puts out – maybe if you were to put your volume up to full it would give better idea of what it was like – I do not actually recommend this or at least I take no responsibility if you do 😉

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