NBGW Country Seat

Looking and Listening Seats for the Landscape

The attractively designed benches situated along my walk this week at the National Botanic Garden of Wales (NBGW) are ideal facilities for looking at and listening to the surrounding landscape.

NBGW Landscape 2

At the moment I am focusing on the looking rather than the listening. It wasn’t actually raining on the walk but the ground was very wet from recent weather . . . as were the seats. Everything in fact, looked and felt soggy and even with boots on there was some navigational negotiation to be done, particularly and most inconveniently around the various gates en route.

I took comparatively few photos on this walk and, surprisingly, almost none of the gates – perhaps that is because I was too busy straddling mud and bog! But this did not stop me enjoying the various features of this landscape and in particular the trees. Where some were huge and majestic in their stature, others were ageing and on their way back to being, eventually, humus. I felt particularly sorry for the one that appeared stripped of all its bark.

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    • Thank you. I’m not sure what the building was used for but it is close to the side of the farmhouse. You’re right about the bench but I would have got quite a wet bottom had I sat on it!

  1. Such a beautiful place in the world, Alastair. You did a great job describing the current state of mud and wetness. I liked all the photos, the open landscape, the bench, the words on it, the different trees, some so immense. And the curious storage cupboard is a real find, so old and weathered, yet a new door. Wonderful adventure, my friend, thank you.

    • Thanks Jet. It’s an interesting landscape and in a unique state of being half restored to its original designed state. While that means it is a place where man has intervened with nature, it will be fascinating to watch the restoration and I am sure it will still be beautiful.

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