dry grass

Low Flow and the Colour of Grass

The low flow of rivers and the colour of the grass has changed the landscape in the UK. Hosepipe bans are coming to the north and without sustained rainfall in the near future in the south, I can imagine that we will have them too.

low river

The river above is normally raging over the weir but with the reduced flow the soundscape is changed as well as the landscape. I haven’t produced a soundscape again this week but the video below presents the trickle that normally a fast flowing river.

Looking through the yellow grass to the landscape beyond in the images below, the only green is from trees – and somehow the bracken on the hills has managed to keep its colour. The grey pony I passed en route through the valley stood dead still, as if bewildered by all this heat. I have not seen horses in this field before but animals are being moved from their normal habitats as the nourishment provided there diminishes and more shaded ground is needed in order to supply their needs.


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  1. There is some pattering on the skylight as I text this but not the steady downpour that we need. I see we’re due some intermittent rain tonight and tomorrow in the Vale of Usk but I’m unsure how much of a difference that will make—clearly we’re all in desperate need of a proper drenching.

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