Magical Calm Before the Storm

I have said that the weather was kind to us on my walk this week. It can be seen here on the expansive beach at Whitford, that there was the potential to be caught by an impending storm. Fortunately the wind favoured us and took this huge bank of dark cloud off to the north east.

calm before the storm

calm before the storm

The scene felt other worldly with the calm humidity and the simplicity of the open space. The haze blurred the details of what land could be seen and the “canvas” was reduced to indistinct sea and sky in muted colours. The old Victorian iron built Whitford Lighthouse was an enticing object just out of reach in the water and a small flock of one of my favourite birds flew as if in slow motion along the length of shore, mixing their calls with the skylarks. It was magical!

Larks and Oystercatchers

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      • Beaches hereabouts mostly don’t have grassy areas going down to the beach, so I usually hear larks on high grassland – they make my spirit soar! I’d love to hear them near accompanied by the sound of the sea – although I might just take off myself!

        • That would be nice – to take off I mean. It’s when I see the gulls wheeling I the wind that I feel like that. It seems so obvious that they are enjoying themselves.

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