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My Walk this Week 129 – Down from Rhossili Down

Climbing up the Down from the village of Rhossili on my walk this week at the end of the Gower Peninsula, was not a problem – it’s fairly steep but I like climbing. Less so do I like coming back down again and on this occasion my knees had decided they had had enough.

Rhossili Bay beach path

This has happened on one or two occasions when walking but I have never let it stop me. I do, however, need to pace myself and not go rushing off at the start of a walk. Descending from the Down four years ago is one of my clearest memories of the walk. I had to shuffle with the smallest of footsteps and stop and rest regularly, but there was no particular rush and I made it down eventually. Despite this the walk was an excellent and enjoyable one and all my other memories of it are good.

One of the best ways for me to remember it is through sound and when I play the soundscape for this walk I am transported there even more than with the photographs and the two together are great!

Rhossili Down Soundscape

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