Worm's Head, Gower

My Walk this Week 129 – Rhossili from the Archives

My walk this week shows images from my archive and a walk along Rhossili Down at the end of the Gower Peninsula in South Wales.

looking down on the bay

For all the changes in environmental circumstances from day to day or even hour to hour, these photos from 2014 cannot show any potential differences in the underlying structure and general appearance of the place. The pace of change on a geological time scale is not the same as our lives and although it is true that we sometimes see rocks fall from a cliff or even cliffs collapse as a result of erosion from the sea, the overall changes can be almost imperceptible.

And that in itself can be a problem – a problem because while many of us (perhaps even the vast majority) understand that we affect the planet we live on in a detrimental way as a result of our lifestyles, and we want to do something about it, there are others who deny the obvious and try to put the brakes on to any progress we make in addressing the issue.

But we can make a difference. According to the scientists it is still possible for us to redress the balance and not wipe ourselves out. That is the fact of the matter as well – we don’t need to do anything to save the planet, it will be here a long time after we are gone and I expect it would be glad to be rid of us – we need to change our environmental attitude and actions to save ourselves.

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  1. Thank you for these soothing photos and reflective post, Alastair. I cannot account for our current president who is steadily working hard to reverse environmental progress; but I can say that there are many of us in the U.S. who are working to change our environmental attitude and actions, move forward with improvements, and we are making a difference. Thanks for taking us to this pleasant vista of the South Wales seaside. I especially like the white scalloped wave patterns in the water.

    • Thanks Jet. I like to think that at least 50+ % of people in the U.S., UK, and the rest of the world too, have not got their heads in the sand, do appreciate the planet we live on and have consideration for others. Unfortunately 50+% isn’t enough, we need a true majority.

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