St James's Park

My Walk this Week 135 – St James’s Park, London

My walk this week is in St James’ Park, which I visited during some spare time on a recent trip to London. There were plenty of people out and about enjoying the colours and textures of Autumn leaves, squirrels, a range of geese, swans, ducks, gulls, herons, pelicans, the inevitable pigeons, and a bird I could not identify.

The black, white and brown bird in the middle of the sequence below shows a waterfowl which I would like to identify – if anyone can help with this, I would be very grateful.

St James's Park

I have visited London many times over the years and it is a fantastic place to explore with its parks and architecture, culture and the arts. However, I found the number of people there a little overwhelming, though I know it wasn’t as busy as it can be and my visit was not spoiled in any way. I guess I am just not used to it, living in a small town as I do.

Click the play button and then the first image to listen and look through the features of my walk this week.

St James’ Park Soundscape

In spite of being in a large city, the soundscape of the park was not too noisy with traffic and there was a wide range aural textures to accompany the visual ones. Multiple languages, multiple footsteps and voices, the shrieks of gulls and squeaks of parakeets as well as geese and pigeons. There was some machinery in operation and aeroplanes overhead, but also also the sound of water, Autumn leaves, children, dogs and a drummer performing at the path side.

All in all a complex environment with multiple layers to be seen and heard.

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  1. My favourite London Park.
    There is a poetry in snippets of conversation as they go by, especially when punctuated by water and bird sounds. Love the drums! It wouldn’t be London without buskers.

  2. How very beautiful St. James Park is, thanks for taking us there, Alastair. So many birds and beautiful sites. The bird in your photo numbered 11, the black/white/brown waterfowl is: red-breasted goose. I also really enjoyed your soundscape, Alastair, especially the percussion, perhaps they were bongos? Cheers for a happy weekend.

    • Bongos, that’s the word! I went blank at the time of writing. And a red breasted goose eh – I hunted and hunted the internet but could not find a match. Thank you for that Jet. I will now go and check it out further.

  3. St. James Park is so big and filled with birds and beautiful sites. I enjoyed this walk through the park, Alastair, the photos and the soundscape. The bird in question, what you labelled #11, looks like a red-breasted goose…a beauty.

  4. I so enjoyed this walk through St. James Park, Alastair. Love that first photo with the wavering blue fence reflection, and enjoyed all the scenery here, and the soundscape too. Waterfowl you asked for identification, what you labelled #11, is called the red-breasted goose. A beauty.

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