small herd of goats in forest

My Walk this Week 134 – Surprised By Goats

Click the play button and then the first image to listen and look through the features of my walk this week. It’s another local forest and while it may be true that all forests and woodland consist largely of trees, they are also all quite different. One thing was certainly unexpected on this walk and that was the goats! Looking at the sharpness of their horns I decided it would be best not to confront them but to negotiate a more diplomatic route through the trees.

Forest Walk Soundscape

Starting from the lower reaches of the woods on the edge of the Loughor River valley, I climbed through the sunlight and shade to the top of the ridge to get a view across the Welsh landscape towards the Gower Peninsula. The trees creaked in the breeze and the ground was alternately soft and crunchy underfoot with the thick bed of past pine needles and crispy Autumn leaves.


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  1. Thanks so much for this peace-filled walk through the forest, Alastair. Enjoyed the sound recording as we crunched through the forest, and between the sounds and the photos we received a complete picture of this beautiful forest. Love all the moss, reflecting an abundance of rainfall, the goats, and especially all the different textures you observed. Your weaver background shows through nicely with all these various textures. Much appreciated, Alastair.

    • Thanks very much Jet. Hopefully the new format is doing the job – a better opportunity to get the sound at the same time as the images. Love to get you comments and know you are enjoying the posts. Thanks again

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