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My Walk this Week 139 – Christmas Day Walk

My walk this week was taken in our local park on Christmas Day when the park was almost empty of other people but lively with the sound of birds. I had the idea that the birds thought it might be Spring, perhaps influenced by the warm weather.

Trees and geese

Whatever time of year they thought it was, the geese were in flight, but I only spotted them in the photograph above after I got home again.

This was an impromptu walk and as such all the photos and sound recording I did was on my phone, and that is OK, though I find I look at things slightly differently when using this instead of my normal kit. So that may be a good thing as anything that helps you to see (or hear) things from a different perspective can be helpful to your perception of a place / thing / person / situation.

Christmas Walk Soundscape

We currently have a welcome break from rain and if there wasn’t a beautiful blue sky to fool the birds into mistaking the time of year, they seemed as pleased as I was to see the world around them more clearly than is possible through a veil of water, and had plenty to talk about!

Click the play button above and then the first image to listen and look through the features of my walk this week.

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