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My Walk this Week 138 – Another Quarry Walk Through Time

My walk this week is to another quarry but one that is quite different from that which I explored last week. The rock is not black this time but the sides are steep and I cannot imagine how the writer of the graffiti, still to be faintly seen near the top of the quarry face, got up there. Nor can I make out what is written as time and weather has done its work and taken most of it away.

Dantwyn Quarry

It is 35 years since I first explored this place in my local countryside and I guess the plants and trees have grown up since then. I certainly remember it being more open back then, whereas now the small footpath leading through to the pool at the foot of the rock face is kept open only by a few dog walkers and young people playing on bikes, sitting round a bonfire or perhaps writing some more graffiti.

Dantwyn Quarry Soundscape

We have had a lot of wet weather lately and the sound of water in the Glanffrwd river flowing past the the quarry and under the bridge is reflecting that rain. But it is still and quiet in the embrace of the quarry itself, with a few small birds to be heard when in the right position, though none at all at the edge of the quarry pool, giving it a sense of secrecy – a place hidden from most by the overgrowing brambles but still accessible (just) with a little determination.

Click the play button above and then the first image to listen and look through the features of my walk this week.

When listening to the soundscapes for my walks, you will hear most detail if listening through headphones. I try to optimise the edit to work well on any system but it is impossible to know your audio set up. For those that are interested, when recording for posts I usually use my Zoom H5 with fluffy windshield and when editing I use Adobe Audition and AKG MkII headphones. When recording on a production walk for StillWalks® I use a RODE NTG3 shotgun mic and Fostex FR-2 LE field recorder.

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  1. Alastair, what an invigorating and enjoyable walk, thanks for taking us along. I always enjoy hearing your recordings as we vicariously walk along looking at the surrounding beauty. The water was great to listen to, such strong force, then diminishing, then a crescendo that seemed like we were under a waterfall. I really like the moody scenes of the quarry too, especially the arched bridge and all the greenery and moss and lichen. Thanks so much for sharing your walks and scenes and sounds throughout the year, I always really enjoy my visits here.

    • Thanks very much Jet – you are very kind and I am so pleased you enjoy my walk posts. If the sound is too loud, you can always turn it down – I adjust levels to be optimal for my own computer system volume at about 50% on speakers but of course everyone’s systems are different and then there is headphones too! Thanks for visiting and your feedback

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