Distant Gower from The Mawr

My Walk this Week 141 – Exploring Down from The Mawr

On my walk this week I went exploring a footpath I have passed on top of The Mawr on many occasions but never stopped for a closer look – until now.

Woodland ravine path

Looking across to the Gower Peninsula in the distance, I stood and enjoyed the wind as it gently swirled around me and brought the sound of skylarks to my ears. Setting off down an old moss covered farm track, it wasn’t long before the broad ditch (or possibly hollow way) became a deepening, wooded ravine.

Down from The Mawr Soundscape

Sheltered in the mossy woodland from the wind, the peace was broken by a barking dog on the nearby farm, but there was also the sound of birds and the trickle of a stream. I love the familiarity of the walking routes I follow so often, but I also love exploring new walks and must revisit this one soon to enjoy a longer and more in-depth examination of its textures, colours, patterns and life.

Click the play button above and then the first image to listen and look through the features of my walk this week.

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