Kenfig beach

My Walk this Week 152 – Sound of Sunny Seaside Larks

My walk this week is from the burrows and beach at Kenfig on the South Wales coast where, on a sunny Sunday, we heard the most beautiful sound of seaside larks rejoicing in the afternoon sunshine. Both they and the wonderful weather made for a very enjoyable walk through the dunes and down to the expansive beach and an ebb tide.

tree and lake

Heading first for Kenfig Pool, it seemed the water level was up from recent rain and to judge from the route we were forced to take to get to the beach, the recent storms had fulfilled their aim of dumping as much rain as possible in as short a time as possible. But on this day, along with the sky, the water was very blue.

Having eaten our sandwiches on the stony bank at the top of the beach, I started walking with difficulty over the stones, recording the sounds around me and taking some photos en route. At first the larks seemed distant but as I walked along the sand there were one or two that sounded as though they were right next to me – but I couldn’t see them!

Kenfig Beach Soundscape

Click the play button above and then the first image to listen and look through the features of my walk this week.

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  1. A great joy to walk along the seaside of south Wales, Alastair. The sights are beautiful, with rich colors and so much freshness. I enjoyed each photo, including the many textures you captured. But what really made my heart sing were the sweet melodies of the larks. Oh my goodness, what musical rapture to hear those larks. I tried to determine what kind of lark it was, but was not able, for you have six lark species in Wales. It does not matter anyway, for it was the glory of their song that impressed me. Thanks so much, my friend.

    • Thank you Jet. The larks do it for me every time – send my heart soaring with them. So often they are more distant at the height they fly so we were very lucky that one or two should have been so close to give us such a wonderful performance – I still couldn’t see them against the bright light though. I thought you would enjoy them and I am very pleased you did.

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