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My Walk this Week 153 – Tawe Riverbank

My walk this week is along the western riverbank of the Tawe. The starting point is under the bridge at Morfa where the heart of Copperopolis used to be back in the 18th and 19th centuries.

River TaweThere wouldn’t have been a concrete bridge in those days of course, but I like the patterns and colours to be seen there and I enjoyed them along the riverbank and on the water’s surface as well.

On the eastern side of the river you can walk through the woods down to Swansea’s Maritime Quarter but on this side the path is not maintained and is blocked not far along from the old Hafod Copper Works which are currently being restored.

The sounds too are of interest – the urban ambience has its own subtleties and layers to be listened to with some being more obvious than others.

River Tawe Soundscape

The sounds I enjoyed the most were those under the bridge as traffic crossed expansion joints and the more natural sounds of water as a canoeist paddled up the river producing a beautiful fan of ripples as he went.

Click the play button above and then the first image to listen and look through the features of my walk this week.

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  1. What a lovely stroll, Alastair — and gorgeous photos, too. I agree that the sound of the cars and the passing canoeist were interesting, but I was most enthralled by the birdsong (so many species I haven’t heard before). Especially the bird that seemed to be shouting “Hey! Hey, hey!!” after the canoe went by. What a marvelous little sonic snapshot …

    • Thank you Heide, I am always so pleased when people enjoy the soundscapes (and the images too of course). I think the bird shouting “Hey hey hey” is one of the gulls fighting over a morsel of food. I have just listened back to it on my phone and realise how much better an experience you get when listening with headphones or decent speakers. Thanks again for visiting

      • You’re right! On second listen I agree that’s probably a gull. Between their yelling and their screams, they sound so human sometimes, don’t they?

        • Many people don’t like gulls – I am not one of them, but then I haven’t had them steal my food . . . though they have certainly made a mess of my car! Lol

  2. A truly delightful visit to Tawe River, Alastair, thank you for the multi-dimensional experience. Just as I was wondering if I got a little bit ahead on the photos, the “battling birds” came out on the sound clip, and I knew I was in the right place. Seems like they’re gulls. I also heard a faint rippling from the canoe/kayak…wonderful. Appreciated the bridge sounds and artwork. And really loved your astute weaver’s eye for the textures surrounding you. Magnificent walk, thanks for taking us along, my friend.

    • Thank you Jet – texture seems to inform so much of my life, tactile, visual and aural. I guess it is just something I respond to and always have. I particularly enjoyed my walk for the fact that all this exists in the middle of an urban landscape – the river is no more than 1/2 a mile or so from the city centre. The background ambience tells the truth of this of course but in terms of complex textures and patterns, the urban and natural mix together very well for me. I liked your description of multi-dimensions Thank you

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