My Walk this Week 162 – Hampton Court Gardens

My walk this week takes an informal look at what would often be described as the formal gardens of Hampton Court. The gardens behind Hampton Court Palace are indeed formal and you only need to look at Google Maps to see that formality of design.

pergola tunnel

But the Wilderness Garden (above) and the Rose Garden also have a formal layout – it’s just not as noticeable when you look at the individual plants and flowers.

The area is beautiful in many respects but the London traffic is heavy, so I was surprised to find that as I moved just a little away from the roads and into the open grounds and avenues of trees, that the background noise from the roads reduced as much as it did.

Hampton Court Walk Soundscape

My soundscape for this walk starts out with me crossing Hampton Court Green before entering the Wilderness Garden via the Lion Gate and then moving round to the Rose Garden. From there I walked down to the River Thames which borders the edge of the estate, and then back along the busy Hampton Court Road before making my way across the deer park to look down one of the avenues of trees towards Diana Fountain. This was where it was most peaceful!

So click the play button above and then the first thumbnail image below and you will see the full images in sequence (not available like this on the mobile WordPress Reader in which case click the Visit button via the … menu or open in your mobile’s internet browser).

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  1. What a delightful walk through the Hampton Court Gardens, Alastair. You did a good job of shielding us from the London hubbub. The sounds were, as always, intriguing and wonderful. I liked hearing the geese and other birds’ songs, the crunching gravel, the activity of people, and the creaking gate. I smiled a lot when I heard the buzzing bee. Also enjoyed the photos so very much, making this a complete joy. Thanks so much.

    • Thank you Jet. This was a soundscape and walk particularly enjoyed by people, not necessarily through WP but feedback was very good. I am very pleased you enjoyed it too.

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