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My Walk this Week 161 – North Gower Walk

My walk this week looks back at a walk on the North Gower coast and the expansive and beautiful salt marshes of the Loughor Estuary. The walk was originally taken as part of the “Taste of Gower” project in 2015.

Salt marshes, North Gower

Sheep graze the marsh grass and herbs from day to day and when the tides cover the the greenery, they move on and off the marshes via “causeways” such as the one above.

The sense of space and the distortion of perspective gives the place a strange, unreal feeling. Distance is difficult to judge and I suspect you would need to be careful of the incoming tide if unused to the area.

North Gower Soundscape

The soundscape starts with one of my favourite sounds – a gate as I’m sure many of you know by now! This is followed by sheep but the gates keep making their audio appearance throughout and after the sheep the aural textures open out like the salt marsh and the wind makes an appearance as it blows across the coarse herbs and grasses of the open landscape.

So click the play button above and then the first thumbnail image below and you will see the full images in sequence (not available like this on the mobile WordPress Reader in which case click the Visit button via the … menu or open in your mobile’s internet browser).

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  1. Such a joy to take the North Gower walk with you, Alastair. I love the creaky gate sounds, and some of these had clasps, too, it sounded like. I don’t walk through a gate anymore without listening intently to it, thanks so you. And those sheep had such strong voices! Great to hear your footsteps, the bird song, and the strong wind. Beautiful photos, too. I like the sweet alpacas and the first photo “heavy weather.” Such beauty here, thank you.

    • Thank you again Jet. The colours in that featured photo are very typical of our Welsh landscape and changing weather – the contrast of sunlight and dark cloud. It is said here that “it was, it is, or it is going to rain”! I think those are good words for that image. Be well

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