Tenby harbour

My Walk this Week 165 – Tenby, South Wales Seaside Town

I could have imagined being in the Mediterranean on my walk this week. – It was a bright blue day in the South Wales seaside town of Tenby with its colourful buildings and exotic planting of palms, completed the illusion.

Exotic planting - Tenby

Colour and texture was the order of this day out with the strong blues of the sea and sky and the fascinating textures of the seaweed on the sea wall and ropes tethering the boats.Structure was also notable in the form of multiple sandcastles and steep steps providing routes to the elevation of cliffs looking over both the North and South Beaches.

I had not taken my camera or sound recorder and so all photos were taken on my iPhone and that is also the reason there is only a sound clip instead of a soundscape. However, the clip presents very typical sounds from the harbour with a seagull doing some very odd things down on the sand of the harbour.

Tenby Seagull Sound Clip

So click the play button above for a short listen and then the first thumbnail image below and you will see the full images in sequence (not available like this on the mobile WordPress Reader in which case click the Visit button via the … menu or open in your mobile’s internet browser).

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    • That’s good Chris – glad you enjoyed them. It was a great day and a visit we have not since our kids were young. Time passes so quickly!

  1. I so loved this visit to Tenby shores, Alastair. You’re right, it does look Mediterranean, especially in the first two photos. I really liked the textures you highlighted too, with the ropes, seaweed, sea wall, trickling, and trap. I liked all the sea photos with the brilliant blue sky, vast sand and puffy clouds. And that crazy wailing gull added a delightful extra dimension to the whole scene. Thanks so much for this refreshing walk to the sea.

    • Thank you Jet. I wish I had manager to get a photo of the gull, but of course I was recording the sound instead. It was acting very strangely!

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