My Walk this Week 183 – Revisitation

My walk this week is a revisitation to Aberavon seafront at this current time of year but from 2016 – the weather is much the same today (as I write) as it was then! But that does not make it any less interesting to me and I remember the walk well, though I admit the images and soundscape are a good memory trigger for the atmosphere.

seafront walkers

It was a dark, wet day with a heavy sea fret coming off the bay, but it wasn’t actually raining and people were walking and running as they always are on this wonderful expansive seafront.The industry on the far side of the river mouth at the eastern end of the beach loomed out of the mist like some alien machinery from War of the Worlds but the oystercatchers and other sea and sand loving birds continued as they always do whatever the weather.

The incessant susurration of the sea in an open seashore like this does not have the same rhythm as a more closed environment with the waves coming in over a shallow bay. When the wind is high, however, and if you stand near the concrete blocks of the sea wall, the rhythm becomes more noticeable with the thundering crashes of breakers. I have watched enthusiastic surfers here in the past who, like the birds, ignore the inclement weather and just get on with enjoying their favourite pastime – maybe I can repost that one next week!

Seafront Soundscape

So click the play button or soundscape title above to listen and then the first image below to see the full images in sequence (not available like this on the mobile WordPress Reader in which case visit the blog in your mobile’s internet browser – NB you will need to open the sound file and images in separate browser tabs).

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