My Walk this Week 192 – Maritime Reflections

My walk this week is from Swansea Bay and Maritime Quarter and, yet again, followed meetings, one of which was on my phone as I stood at the side of the marina and watched the still water reflecting the yacht masts and a blue sky with just one or two white clouds.

wobbly light

As I stood there the reflections were almost as straight as the masts themselves as the water was so still. Later on, after visiting the beach and listing to the rhythm of the waves, I returned to find the marina water rippled with activity and the patterns created made me think someone had been dribbling liquid gold onto the surface.

I was mesmerised by those changing patterns, just as I was with the sound of the waves as the tide came in over the gently sloping beach. They weren’t big waves by any means, but they still provided the pounding pattern of sound we are familiar with from the sea.

Maritime Soundscape

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