Loughor Estuary

My Walk this Week 193 – Estuary Atmosphere

My walk this week took me down to the Loughor Estuary which has its own unique atmosphere whatever the weather conditions.

Loughor Estuary

On this occasion it was dull and windy but no less enjoyable for that. If you like the wind, as I do, then this open, expansive land and waterscape is a good place to find it at a low elevation. The place can be spectacularly still and beautiful during a quiet sunset but I enjoy almost as much the cloud cover and wind here – a place that feels somewhat mystical in all conditions.

Lonely, harsh, wild, still, contemplative – all of these adjectives and more suit the place at different times.

Estuary Soundscape

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The soundscape follows me down a farm track, past early signs of Spring and a rushing stream to the open, wind blown estuary and salt marshes, under the railway bridge and out through the tall marsh grass by the river where I disturbed a pair of ducks but caught them fleeing on camera.

So click the play button to listen while viewing the images below – click the first one and then again to move forward through the carousel.

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  1. Hello, Alastair. We have been following each other’s blogs for several years now and I guess it’s about time that I introduce myself. My name is Jerry Dwyer. I think my last name has surfaced a few times in posts over the years and sometimes a family member mentions me by my first name in a comment. But there are a few members of my family who do not wish to have their names all over the Internet and so for the sake of their privacy I have refrained from specifying both my own name and the names of several relatives. That is why I refer to my wife as “my wife” and I don’t ever mention the surnames of my daughters or their children. One daughter doesn’t mind if I mention their first names and so I do. Bu the other doesn’t even want their first names mentioned. So the names I call two of my grandkids are not their real names.

    So now you know why I often just use the crow canyon journal moniker. I know it’s a mouthful. One of my followers calls me Crow and that’s fine with me!

    Thanks for all of those audio and visual stories about your walks all these years!

    • Thanks very much Jerry, I fully understand your and your family’s concerns and support them on that front. I myself don’t post any images from my personal family life and if my wife or daughters are in an image, it’s usually not showing their faces and I would check with them first anyway. It just felt a bit odd answering your comments addressed to me by name, without your name which I was almost certain I had seen before in a post but could not bring to mind. Thanks again

  2. I enjoyed this pleasant visit to the estuary, Alastair, so very much. I find your winters and springs with the abundance of water completely dazzling. The emerald grasses are gorgeous; enjoyed the pink buds, water eddy, and sheep. Beautiful bridge. I espec. liked #13 looking down the stream, and #20 with the crevasse. The soundtrack was a complete delight, as always, with the rushing water. That stream is bustling. And the creaking gate at the end was great fun. Thanks ever so much, my friend.

    • Thank you Jet. I have just finished my last shift for the week and look forward to looking properly through your last couple of posts when I get a much looked forward to lie-in tomorrow morning

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