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My Walk this Week 196 – Woodland Wander

My walk this week is a wander through woodland I have not visited for some time and it was good to see that whilst there had been developments and changes made, the character of the place remained as I remembered it.

Lake through trees

Penllergaer Valley Woods is wonderful place on the outskirts of Swansea that I have enjoyed immensely at different times of the year. One of my favourite visits was about 4:30 AM for an early morning StillWalks production walk in Spring, but I have made StillWalks videos there from all seasons.

My visit on this occasion was a short one but I still very much enjoyed the patterns, textures, colours and sounds to be found there. I think my favourites below are the various  tree stumps and the mass of bare birch branches on either side of the footpath as it descends to to the valley floor.

Woodland Soundscape

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The soundscape is a little shorter than usual this week as I was recording on my phone again but I hope no less enjoyable.

So click the play button to listen while viewing the images below – click the first one and then again to move forward through the carousel.


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  1. Sure enjoyed your woodland walk this week, Alastair, thank you. The sounds were as refreshing and sweet as the photo. I especially liked the stream sounds, then the crescendo to the mighty rush of the waterfall, and all the singing, flutey sounds of the birds. A heavenly soundtrack. Also enjoyed the photos with the numerous patterns in the tree stumps, the sparkling lake, and the vibrant moss. I hope you are having a wonderful week.

  2. What a nice collection of images, Alastair, and the soundtrack was great. I especially liked the bird songs, though rushing water is always exciting. “Tree Stump Patterns,” “Descending the Valley,” and “Bare Birch Branches” are my favorite photos.

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