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My Walk this Week 197 – Garden Details


My walk this week didn’t take me far – just into the garden to look at some of the details of change at this time of year.  There is more than the plant life in the colours, textures and patterns there as well. I love the existing flowers and the new buds coming through, but I also love the rust on the the old sash window weights and incinerator bin. And that old cherry branch which, over a couple of years, has become just a husk of thin bark with a mostly empty interior

Of course there were the sounds too – the flock of local jackdaws were as busy as ever and all those LBJs (little brown jobs – sparrows, etc.) were good to hear and as cheerful, apparently (or argumentative!), as always. It was good just to have a day off that coincided with no rain!

Garden Soundscape

So click the play button to listen while viewing the images below – click the first one and then again to move forward through the carousel.

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  1. What a lovely selection of colours and textures — our garden’s taken a real battering from so much rain (mainly because we haven’t ventured outside to sort things out in such weather) so I’m so impressed at yours.

    • Thank you Chris. You might be less impressed if I showed more of an overview lol. But I don’t like to have thinks too neat and tidy – prefer natural

    • The gardening I have been doing lately to prepare the ground for sewing vegetables has been such a pleasure to do, accompanied as it is with the most wonderful birdsong – a blackbird only particular

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